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No ordinary skaterboys

this video made me remember why skateboarding´s sooo cool… i think it is kind of dancing, isn´t it? moreover i was impressed by the skateboarding skills of Richie Jackson and Patrick Melcher in combination with their exceptional way to dress…and let´s face it, jesus and freddy krueger in one crew! how hot is that?

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I love ..

I have been in NY for ten days and this is my first post, shame on me.Thing is I dont do that much I just ride my bike, walk around, look at people places cats and dogs and enjoy this beautiful city. So what to blog about?

Maybe my new hat, New Era (Hallo Henning!) Oakland As Cap, how do you like it?Apparently Oaklands team is kinda gangsta, as you can imagine, I get some comments on that.

On Saturday I went to the Brooklyn Banks, thats a famous skatespot underBrooklyn Bridge, 5BORONYC hosted a contest there, heres a few pics for you to get an Idea. The Winners got mad cash!

Until then…


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