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Tic Tic Tic Tic Toc, Tic Tic Toc

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M.I.A. definetly got game..!!!

Whatever people bad try to say about her, won’t change the picture. M.I.A. got it going on. That shows her appearance on the ‘Late Show with David Letterman’. She just don’t give a f*ck..!!! Reminds me of Eminem in his video ‘The real slim shady’. Besides the guy on the keyboard is from suicide. (Thats what kookie told me, ’cause it was one of his favorites bands..)

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M.I.A. got somethin’ to say..

Right after bringing out her provoking video towards American Policy. M.I.A. just can’t stop it. She just made a warning. Telling young folks or people in general to watch out when using Google and Facebook, because it is created by the C.I.A. Wow!!! She is really using her voice now to tell the world. Wonder what comes next.

The funny part she is not just hating over political issues. No, Lady Gaga is also not of her taste. She is calling her ‘ not progessive’ and that she gets annoyed when Gaga is compared to Madonna. Bam!

Go here to read the very profound article about her by the New York Times. That shows the controversy of the artist who on one side is living the American Dream in a house in Beverly Hills and on the side acts politically against U.S. policy by her music and all.


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M.I.A. is back!!!

And she is definetly not playin’. Even though her last album hitted the U.S., she let the world know that she is still not a fan and doesn’t agree with U.S. policy. I would like to know how long it took for YOUTUBE to ban her new video. The video provokes and is very shocking. It contains a lot of violence and brutality. It is made by Roman Gravas who already been noticed for his video ‘STRESS’ by Justice. See for yourself.

2 c more nice pics via , thanks 2 Meier

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CASSETTE PLAYA – the lady who stands behind the style of M.I.A.

When you think of M.I.A. , you always get the picture of this multi-talented lady with this unique style. Well, she is multitalented in many ways and we give her props for that. But for the style we have to mostly compliment Carri Mundane with her fashion label CASSETTE PLAYA.

The designer and stylist is not only responsible for the styling of M.I.A., but also many more..


191208105750_cassette-playa-455Carri Mundane with African Boy

Telepathe2TELEPATHE, N.Y.C.


Read more about Carri Mundane and her philosophy here and check out her personal Blog and Myspace .

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