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M.I.A. got somethin’ to say..

Right after bringing out her provoking video towards American Policy. M.I.A. just can’t stop it. She just made a warning. Telling young folks or people in general to watch out when using Google and Facebook, because it is created by the C.I.A. Wow!!! She is really using her voice now to tell the world. Wonder what comes next.

The funny part she is not just hating over political issues. No, Lady Gaga is also not of her taste. She is calling her ‘ not progessive’ and that she gets annoyed when Gaga is compared to Madonna. Bam!

Go here to read the very profound article about her by the New York Times. That shows the controversy of the artist who on one side is living the American Dream in a house in Beverly Hills and on the side acts politically against U.S. policy by her music and all.


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You can get with this or you can get with that..!!!

Video via  O hell Nawl

Usually I think commercials are boring, but this one got me.. Probably also because of the song they chose, a classic.

And the details for example ‘Hamsterdam’ (haha), just finishing the last episode of ‘The Wire’. Don’t want it to end. 😦

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Sexy m…..f…..!!

Was macht eigentlich D’Angelo..? Das Letzte, was ich gehört habe, ist, dass er mit harten Drogen am Steuer festgenommen wurde. Soll nicht auf den schnellen Ruhm klargekommen sein. ‘What a shame.’  Wer ihn einmal live gesehen hat, weiss wovon ich rede. Er war nicht nur ein extrem guter Musiker, Sänger und auch Tänzer. Sah dazu auch noch verdammt gut aus. Nein, er hat durch sein Auftreten, dass ganze Publikum verzaubert.

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Knock,knock who is it..?

Na, wer weiss es..? Diesmal ist es einfach.


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MM: Too fast to live, too young to die

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Malcom McLaren‘s funeral wasn’t a ordinary one, like the man wasn’t any ordinay.  It was more like a goth and punk parade through London.

Malcolm’s graffitied coffin was carried in a carriage pulled by some fancy goth horses. The procession also included a bus filled with zombie punks. Malcolm’s ex-partner Vivienne Westwood, Pam Hogg, Adam Ant and Bobby Gillepsie all came out to mourn their friend. The motto of the whole thing was: “..Put on your favourite records and let it RIP!”

So here is another one of his classics: R.I.P

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She is one-of-a-kind: Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin aka Coco T

Just in case you did not know, what Ice T’s lady is all about.

Coco T is not just his wife, but build up her own stardom. If you like her or not, she knows what she is doin’.


They like to dress up and match their outfits when they go public.

Always a eyecatcher, even if it’s not to your taste.


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Oh no, she didn’t..!!!

Who dares to copy one of Grace Jones iconic pose and then publish them on their own blog to show to the world. Yeah of course, no one less then Kanye West on his new blog ( which I think is pretty boring) and his girl Amber Rose. They both must be so in love with themselves that they make a perfect couple. I don’t want to know how many mirrors hang up their bedroom walls. Autsch!

Here is the original: Grace Jones, photo was taken by Jean-Paul Goude

One more for the gallary:  Album cover by Hard Ton Disco Queen. He is actually funny 🙂

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