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‘The Wire’ – Actor Idris Elba ( Stringer Bell) speaks out on black actors in film

This is 4 you Anne 😉

As a fitting close to Black History Month, actor Idris Elba was the featured speaker for the Lens Project’s “Artist Spotlight” series. Held at the Paul Robeson Center of Rutgers University’s Newark campus this past Thursday evening, the lecture was moderated by Ms. Baraka Sele, the current Assistant Vice President of Programming of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC).

Black Presidents In The Movies

Idris stepped onto the stage to standing applause and an unmistakable spike in estrogen levels among the women in attendance, as they whipped out their cameras to document Hollywood’s sexiest chocolate boy wonder. Adopting an ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ format, Ms. Sele and Mr. Elba discussed everything from his solid middle class beginnings in East London, his upcoming projects, to the current state of black cinema in Hollywood. was on campus for Idris 101 and bring you the highlights below.

Top 9 Must-See Black Films

On his most prolific role as Stringer Bell on HBO’s ‘The Wire’

“I was a huge fan of Stringer Bell being killed off right at the height of his popularity. I commend the writers for a realistic view of living a life of crime…as a drug dealer you either end up dead or in prison.”

On the Golden Globes and this year’s Oscar ‘white-out’

“Halle Berry and I were the only two black actors nominated for this year’s Golden Globes (Idris for Luther and Halle for Frankie & Alice). The Oscars aren’t designed for us…let’s focus on making more films.”

On the controversy surrounding his role as Heimdall, in the upcoming “Thor”

“It’s so ridiculous. We have a man (Thor) who has a flying hammer, and wears horns on his head and yet me being an actor of African descent playing a Norse god is unbelievable? I mean, Cleopatra was played by Elizabeth Taylor and Ghandi was played by Ben Kingsley”

Does he watch any of his films?

“I don’t watch myself. It’s excruciating”

On his decision to become an actor

“My parents were hard-working and believed in security, getting that paycheck. Paul Barber (another black British actor) came to speak at my school, and I realized ‘I could do that too.’ When I told my parents I wanted to be an actor, my father said to me (at this point Idris mimics a dead-on African accent) ‘Kuna, you know actors don’t make money.’ So I got a job working at the Ford factory and after 2 years, I was like, I gotta go back to acting.” (Idris would eventually win a place in the National Youth Music Theater, thanks to a Prince’s Trust grant).

On speaking to today’s youth

“I’m just a beacon… actors and people in the film industry should speak at schools to inspire students.” Idris is the anti-crime ambassador for the Prince’s Trust grant, a U.K. based youth charity that provides workplace skills and financial support.
(Idris speaking Prince’s Trust)

On being an only child

“As an only child I had a vivid imagination. My imagination gets me in trouble, it gets me awards and it gets me paychecks”

On what role he finds most challenging

“While the U.K. is known for their drama schools, they are very expensive. I wasn’t classically trained in theater, so I have a natural fear of Shakespeare. But I’d like to tackle King Lear or Othello.”

On the Spike Lee vs. Tyler Perry debate

“Can I be candid?” he asks before turning to face the audience directly. “I don’t like all of Tyler Perry’s films. Yes, I did work with Tyler for “Daddy’s Little Girls” because it portrayed a positive image of a black father. I am happy for Tyler’s success…we need Tyler Perry…by going to support his movies, we need to show economic strength. But we are also responsible for elevating film. I’m not with buffoonish characters like Madea or Big Momma.”

By the end of the lecture, it was clear that Idris Elba hasn’t been coasting on just his good looks. Thoughtful, resourceful, and humble, Idris Elba continues the legacy of strong and positive depictions of black masculinity in Hollywood.

In other news, Idris has just been cast in the, not quite Alien prequel,  Ridley Scott helmed Prometheus. He joins Noomi Rapace (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), Michael Fassbender (X:Men First Class) and Charlize Theron (Hancock). (source)


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bitch fight

Was ist nur mit Little Kim los.. Ich meine, dass sie klarmacht, wer die Grösste ist im Rapgame und sich ein Battle gibt mit Nicki Minaj kann man ja noch lustig finden. Aber bitte wie sieht sie denn aus..? Habe sie zuerst garnicht wiedererkannt. Tut mir leid, so kann ich sie wirklich nicht mehr ernstnehmen. Sie sieht ja aus wie Barbie. Nicki Minaj hat schon gewonnen, bevor jemand den Mund aufgemacht hat. Meine Meinung.

Little Kim früher und heute.


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The good old days..

Anne/gheddorings mit den COCONUT TWINZ auf der Blockparty im St. Pauli Clubheim 2007.


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rye rye last night

ok,crappy quality,not even full length,just to proof we were there.not to mention these little tiny bracelets that said very important person.
warum ich in englisch schreibe.klingt irgendwie besser.


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She wants half..!!!

Tiger Woods wife ofcourse is filing for divorce after all the s* she ‘ve been through.  Not that I care too much. She is even hiring a detective to do so. She plans on claiming half of what they earned together. Now that reminds of one of the best parts of Eddie Murpy’s ‘Raw’, where he talks about marriage and how money and love just don’t match. See for yourself, it is hilarious.


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M.I.A. got somethin’ to say..

Right after bringing out her provoking video towards American Policy. M.I.A. just can’t stop it. She just made a warning. Telling young folks or people in general to watch out when using Google and Facebook, because it is created by the C.I.A. Wow!!! She is really using her voice now to tell the world. Wonder what comes next.

The funny part she is not just hating over political issues. No, Lady Gaga is also not of her taste. She is calling her ‘ not progessive’ and that she gets annoyed when Gaga is compared to Madonna. Bam!

Go here to read the very profound article about her by the New York Times. That shows the controversy of the artist who on one side is living the American Dream in a house in Beverly Hills and on the side acts politically against U.S. policy by her music and all.


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You can get with this or you can get with that..!!!

Video via  O hell Nawl

Usually I think commercials are boring, but this one got me.. Probably also because of the song they chose, a classic.

And the details for example ‘Hamsterdam’ (haha), just finishing the last episode of ‘The Wire’. Don’t want it to end. 😦

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Sexy m…..f…..!!

Was macht eigentlich D’Angelo..? Das Letzte, was ich gehört habe, ist, dass er mit harten Drogen am Steuer festgenommen wurde. Soll nicht auf den schnellen Ruhm klargekommen sein. ‘What a shame.’  Wer ihn einmal live gesehen hat, weiss wovon ich rede. Er war nicht nur ein extrem guter Musiker, Sänger und auch Tänzer. Sah dazu auch noch verdammt gut aus. Nein, er hat durch sein Auftreten, dass ganze Publikum verzaubert.

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