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Check out the new Blog of the Hell Yeah! magazin by Tash, she also got in her crew the lovely Rosy One.

“Hell Yeah! is uniquely focused towards street culture, an area that’s often talked about but widely uncatered for. Our magazine will feature un-PC, no-holds-barred, raw social commentary; 100% stilleto and anorexic model free; interviews with cats from all over the world and what’s goin’ on in the art, music and design scenes that’s got people in the know talking, thrown in with a good measure of humour, sarcasm and shit-stirring. Basically we’re goin’ to let you in on all the dope shit that’s going on here, there and everywhere. And to enlighten y’all in-between issues, we’ll also be blogging regularly from right here!”


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No ordinary skaterboys

this video made me remember why skateboarding´s sooo cool… i think it is kind of dancing, isn´t it? moreover i was impressed by the skateboarding skills of Richie Jackson and Patrick Melcher in combination with their exceptional way to dress…and let´s face it, jesus and freddy krueger in one crew! how hot is that?

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